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Case Studies

To create a network of people who may use the website for resources and downloads
To build an online platform to enable resource sharing and download provided to a select network of members.
Interaction design and Information architecture

The Company

Tight Team is a group of network marketers dedicated to sharing and downloading online resources to maximize member experience and development.

Problem Statement

The company desired a platform to invite and maintain select group of people to facilitate sharing and presentation of resources in various document formats.

The Solution

E2 Solutions provided the most befitting solution through it top-of-the-line web application and development service:-
  • Developed a mechanism through which only authorized people could login and access the website. The users provided with a user account once authorizing their identity on the web portal. The web portal admin then activate the authorized user from their user activation panel. An activated user can log in, browse documents and access presentations. 
  • Provided the website administrator with the power to manage Documents/Video/PPT/Excel sheet files. A dynamic control was provided to the admin through which they can add, delete and modify the existing content.
  • Provided the website with an added provision of Inviting people for meetings so as to maintain the exclusivity of the website.
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