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Case Studies

To create an e-commerce platform that is successful in selling medicines and medical services all over the globe.
The 365onlinepharmacy.com website will aim to be used as a one-stop-shop for all kinds of health needs, ranging from medicines to doctor’s consultation to making arrangements for operative/surgical procedures.
Interaction design and Information architecture

The Company

365onlinepharmacy.com provides a comprehensive listing of all kinds of medicines. These medicines can be procured through a simple yet effective manner through the website.

Problem Statement

The company desired a platform to reach a larger target audience for whom the said information provided could prove to be an important resource.

The Solution

E2 Solutions, a frontrunner in online business application and development, provided the perfect solution in the following ways:-
  • Provided the website administrator with the power to manage a listing of medicines. A dynamic control was provided to the admin through which they can add, delete and modify the existing content.
  • The concept of Free Consultation for Patients or an option of a minimal fee for consultation was introduced in the website. The users would contact the website which in-turn would contact the concerned doctor for consultation.
  • Product management introduced in the website so that the web administrator could manage the products/descriptions etc.
  • Introduced multiple currency system to facilitate an easy conversion process for the paying customer.
365 Online Pharmacy 365 Online Pharmacy 365 Online Pharmacy 365 Online Pharmacy