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Top Ten SEO Myths

Search engine optimization is a vital factor for any website. Hence, everyone in this field talk about the ways for better optimization. In this article, you can find 10 most prevalent myths which should be avoided while choosing SEO company. Whether you are planning to hire SEO firm or anyone to do the seo work, make sure you won't follow any of the following myths.

Meta tags - all are equal and important

Not all Meta tags are important, though few of them are. Search engines prefer better content than the Meta tags. Some search engines don't follow description tag and the same is true for keywords also. Since most of the spammers use keywords so search engines are more and more relying on content.

Monthly submission to search engines

Many believe that you should submit your site to search engines on a weekly or monthly basis. This is not true, as you can submit the site once and the search engines will automatically trace you.

SEO demands too much expenditure

SEO can be called the most economic form of online marketing. Organic SEO is very cost effective than the sponsored or banner advertising. SEO clicks are free whereas you need to pay only for PPC or impressions. All you need to pay is the page set up and monitoring charge.

PPC is better than SEO

It can be true but not for long term. This you can analysis for yourself. Almost all searchers rely on organic seo because they find sponsored ads seldom relevant. Users trust organic search results more than sponsored pages. In PPC, though, you are visible in the search page but it is for a short term only whereas if you get good ranking in organic seo, people will definitely hit your website.

In house specialist is must for SEO

If five men do a work in 10 days then how much time will one mane take for the same work? No it's not your analytical test; it's the difference between an in house SEO and SEO firm. If you appoint in house SEO then you need to pay monthly and which demands a lot of expenditure. But, when you hire SEO firm, you pay a certain amount and you hire different specialists writing, submitting, redesigning and posting your site.

Homepage Optimization

Many think only homepage can be optimized with keywords. But, you can optimize all pages of your website with keywords. Every page should have its own keywords, keyword tags not acceding three phrases per page.

Content is the Almighty

If I'll gorge my site content with loads of keywords then my page rank will soar high like supersonic. False, only keywords can't help you website rank high without optimization. You need to implement off site and on site SEO to get a better search engine ranking.

Competitive Keywords

Many people don't target competitive keywords and phrases, but for optimization you need to aim for all the relevant keywords matter if it's competitive. Don't avoid key terms just because they are competitive.

Guarantee SEO

Many SEO firms give guaranteed ranking and optimization. But, in reality, no firm can guarantee ranking in any search engines. SEO is a never ending process and one need to optimize the site intermittently. So these guarantees are just a bait to lure gullible companies.

SEO demands commitment

SEO firms demand minimum a one year commitment. Wrong, you should not rely on any firm for such a long time unless you have an established business relationship. SEO work should be done on a monthly basis. Never lock yourself with any contract unless you are satisfied with the firm and your progress.