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Title Tag: Describe Your Website Content

A title tag is an HTML code that generates the words that appear in the top bar of your Web browser.
The HTML code for a title tag looks like this:
<TITLE>XYZ Company Home Page</TITLE>
Title tag shows the words which describe your web page. Few website designs and CMS generate the title tag automatically from the information provided in the website. But these title tags aren’t useful for higher search engine optimization. With little knowledge of software and psych of the visitor one can take the optimum benefit from title tags.

Search Engine And Title Tag

Search engines use your title tag to explore your website. These are the words which appear in the clickable link on the search engine results page. Your potential visitors decide whether your site will be relevant or not through these title tags. Your website can attain good search page ranking if it features searched key words. Title tags play a vital role in search engine optimization. It is as important as your content or links on your page.

Company Name In Title Tag

Many companies hesitate to put their name in the title tag. That is because; they find this space too precious to waste on company name. However it is better to use your company name in title tag as it helps your visitors to remember your company name. Be creative while using your company name in title tag. Make sure it should not sound like just another company but it should also describe the product or service provided by it.

Title Tag With Keywords

Title tag is the right space where you can put your keywords. Search engines categorize sites as per the keywords present in the title tag. You can have your particular keyword in the title tag. For example, if you have a company named XYZ and provides travel services in India, then rather than making XYZ India your title tag, it should look like, XYZ facilitating travel and tour in India. Here you adeptly use your keywords in title tag which makes visitor easy to understand your services.

Content For Title Tags

Don't haste while writing the title tag for any page. Your title tag should reflect your business. First focus on your website content and try to optimize it then only you can have a clear idea about the key phrases. Find out the most suitable key words and phrases which best describe your business then construct your keyword rich title tag. Once you add your phrases in the content then it won't be difficult for you to craft a good title tag that helps you reach your potential visitor.