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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

Search engine optimization can be a key to success for many website owners but it is often a very ambiguous term. Many of you must have numerous questions about SEO but don't know where or whom to ask. In this article you can find few most frequently asked questions regarding SEO and its work.

1. Can search engines ban websites? What are the reasons for which the website can be banned? If banned, how to rectify this?

Yes, search engines can ban websites. This means, the site won't be visible in search pages. But this can't happen in over night. Search engines ban websites only when they find something really abusive done by the websites. Banning a total website requires serious action from webmasters. Sometimes the banning is for a few month or weeks.
If the site has been banned then first of all communicate with the search engine and ask them the reason for banning. Once you figure out the reasons simply correct them then your site will be visible in few weeks

2. Can SEO writing alone decide page ranking?

No, in SEO there isn't any single factor which can increase page ranking. SEO is an on going process which demands change intermittently. Moreover, your content should be related to your SEO and should be utilized as a worthy Internet marketing campaign. Your Meta tags and key tags are the factors on which your ranking depends. If you have content written on Flash pages then it is as unworthy as having no content at all.

3. Do site tracking, measuring and analysis help in achieving better ranking?

Yes, all these can help you get visibility. Effective search engine marketing requires result tracking. By tracking, you can analyze; how your user navigates in your website, what all pages your user visits and how long it stays in your website.

4. Can keywords be ignored if one knows the exact way the users search?

Never play with search engines. There isn't any harm in being confident but don't put your business at stake for overconfidence. You might know the words your user will type in search pages but this can't be similar all the time. If you'll have keywords and key phrases in your website, you increase your popularity chances.

5. Is search engine optimization still required after attaining the top position in search engine?

Search engines are like law run on and not emotions. Here evidence is your SEO. Even if you are a leader of a particular field you won't get good search ranking unless you have optimized your website. As mentioned earlier, SEO involves constant updating and even if you successfully achieved good ranking you need to work on SEO.

6. How long does it take to appear in any search engine?

Search engine appearance has two different forms, one is indexing and other is listing. Indexing is when the search engine, for say Google, adds the website in its database. This needs a minimum 21 days, though this may also take a long time. The results you see for your search word is called site list. Listing depends on how well you work on your search engine optimization. This requires perseverance and a lot of effort. No SEO firm can guarantee the listing as it is ongoing process.

7. Should content be rewritten unless one achieve good ranking?

No, you don't need to correct all the pages allover again. You can take few pages and alter the keywords or add new keywords and modify the content. You can modify the 'about us' page as it helps a lot in page ranking. If you still want to rewrite your whole content then make sure you include all your keywords this time.