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Pod Cast - Next Generation Communication

Podcast is now a most widely used word among geeks. You must have heard or seen this word in websites providing podcast. But what is podcasting? And how it has become a buzz word now? This and many more other questions have been answered in this article. Read further to get an overview of podcasting.

Podcasting- What is it?

Podcast is online audio which is delivered through an RSS feed. This is a media file that needs a subscription over internet using internet syndication feeds. This you can playback on your mobile and computers. Podcast is an audio content but it isn't same as radio. Unlike radio, podcast provides various options in terms of content and programming. Podcast can be called a radio on demand, where you can hear your favorite programs at your convenient time and place. The method of podcast syndication is called podcasting. Every podcast needs a host or author who is called a podcaster.

Podcasters' websites offer direct download or streaming of the audio content. Podcast is different from other audio formats as it can be automatically downloaded using feeds.
With the advent of blogs, people turned to be writers with their blogs and podcasts has the potential to turn people into radio personalities.

How to get Podcast?

Podcasting is the same as the RSS feed reader or news aggregator. You need to have a feed reader in your computer or mobile device which can play podcast audios. You can listen to the podcast through the feed reader, iPod or other similar device. You can get podcast links in many websites providing podcast. Though podcast was initially started for iPods but now you can play it in other devices which have RSS or podcast feed readers.

How to use Podcast?

Podcasting can be used in various ways to get informational content. It is most widely used in music websites which podcast there latest songs, interviews through podcasting. In news feeds you get podcast. From talk shows, training, story telling to blogs, podcast has become the mouth of the internet. If you don't have time to read then you can listen to the podcast. It is the background medium which provides hassle free information
You can search for podcast content through online podcast directory. Many websites provide RSS feed to podcast which can be subscribed. If you use broadband then podcasting is the best audio content for you. With the global popularity of podcasting, it has generated new concepts like social podcasting and public podcasting.