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Myths Of Search Engine Submission

In our previous articles, we talked about the intricacies of search engine optimization. But before starting your SEO process you need to know about the search engine submission process. There are numerous search engines in Internet and similarly there are numerous beliefs regarding search engine submission. In this article you can find the five most common myths of search engine submission. Look if you have been following any of the myths religiously.

Search engine Submission Requires A lot Of Research

It's a general concept that if you haven't submitted your website then how will you reach to your users. But believe me; this search engine submission doesn't demand any special skill or research. Even, if you won't submit your site then also it can be listed in search engines. Paradoxically, search engines do index your site when you don't even submit it to them. Search engines have spiders and other tools which constantly look for fresh websites. If you have a link in any website which is already in list then you are listed automatically. Search engines follow he link in that website to reach you. Hence don't be afraid of submission it doest require any research.

Website Should Be Listed In All Search Engines

Many SEO firms assure you website submission in thousands of search engines. Never believe in such offers. There are only few search engines which can help you get traffic. These major search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista and few more. Many search engines offer free submission and which can cause you spamming if you are indexed in it.

Website Should Be Submitted On A Weekly Or Monthly Basis

This is an absolute myth. Many people believe that your site will be deleted from search engines if you don't submit them intermittently. Keep in mind that if you submit your site once then it won't be deleted unless you commit something very absurd or abusive. All you need to update your site and make changes but you don't need to submit them every month.

Manual Submission Is Better Than Automatic Submission

Manual and automatic submission are always been an undecided topic. Many believe automated submissions are useless and sometimes your website is not indexed if submitted automatically. Though many major search engines don't prefer automatic submission due to spamming. But there are many search engines where you can easily submit your website automatically. It's a long and tiring job to submit website manually in every search engine. So, you can rely on automatic submission also.

Good Submission Demands A Lot Of Expenditure

What do you think, from where do you get your visitors? Undoubtedly, from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, you get your largest chunk of visitors. These search engines can detect you even when you don't submit your site in these search engines. So, if you'll spend your money then you'll spend it for a small group of search engines, which can't even get you 10% of traffic. So, save your expenditure and manually submit your website in these search engines.