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Know You're SEO Better

Search engine optimization holds different meaning for different people, but there are few points which every beginner should understand about SEO. Following are few key points which can help you to comprehend a little about SEO.

There isn't Any Formula For SEO

Search engines don't follow any particular formula for listing and ranking websites hence there isn't any formula for SEO. It is an ongoing process which should be changed according to the search engine algorithm.

Focus On Few Important Techniques

Though there isn't any formula for SEO but there are some techniques which are mandatory for optimizers. For example, you need to have a good website and have a well defined link exchange program. These are few important factors which affect your website optimization.

There isn't Any Guaranteed SEO

No firm can guarantee you a high PR in search pages. Many SEO firms spread the bean that they have tied up with many search engines and can provide high PR. These are all fabrication by the SEO firms to allure customers.

SEO Is Not Tough

Search engines are not run by robots. There are humans who perform all these works. Hence, don't be afraid of doing SEO. Once you start you SEO work, you will find it much easier than other website work. All you need to understand the search engine algorithm and work according to the search engines.

SEO Is All About Usability

If your website is user friendly and provides information to your users then it can easily attain good ranking in search pages. Search engines categorize websites as per there usage. Hence be sure that you let your users easily navigate within your site and provide them unique content.

Build Neighborhood Through Links

Link exchange is a major deciding factor for your PR (page rank) in search engines. Choose relevant websites to exchange links, this increase your visibility helping you in getting a good rank.

Structure Is Important

If you design a good website then you have won half the battle. A well structured website helps your visitor and search engines to navigate easily within the pages. These things make your website desirable and important for search engines.

It's All About Survival Of The Fittest

Competition is prevalent in every field and when you talk about web world then it is beyond imagination. In this fraternity you need to not only survive but also excel in your field. There is millions of website in Internet then what is your chance to be the one where maximum visitors will come? They will come only when they find you useful and interesting. And you need to work on your SEO services to reach your potential customer.