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Internet Marketing - An Overview

Internet marketing or the online marketing is the contemporary concept of marketing your product or services in Internet, as Internet provides a major virtual market. Internet marketing is all about traffic, page rank, hits and visitors. If your website records less visitors then your marketing need to be enhanced. If your website has fewer pages per view then it shows that the user is not interested in your website. Major search engines like Google have a page rank system where the websites are ranked according to their popularity and other factors. Websites get a rank from 1 to 10. Remember if your website ranks 3 and your competitor acquired page rank of 4 then the difference between you and your competitor can be as many as thousand visitors.

Rules for Internet marketing

Internet marketing like any other marketing requires diligence and market knowledge. But here in Internet you need to put your focus on the website. This is your prime tool for your whole marketing venture. Craft an infallible website which is appealing and is able to represent your enterprise. Following are few tools which help you to strengthen your Internet marketing.

  • Design
    Be specific while designing your website, as this is the single tool which can appeal or distract visitors. Make sure your website is user friendly and gives enough information about your company.
  • Keywords
    Keywords are the most important factor for any website. Your users search you through these keywords. Keywords differentiate you from your competitors. If you have enough related keywords then you increase your chance for a high ranking.
  • Site Map
    Site map is essential for your website. This makes your user easy to navigate and link your website. In Internet marketing you need to be user friendly, and then only you can attract maximum visitors.
  • Content
    Content provide the required information about your products or services. It’s the easiest way to accommodate all your relevant and important keywords. Your content should be keyword rich so that your search engine page rank (SEPR) can increase. A higher page rank means higher popularity and maximum visitors.
  • Articles
    Articles play a vital role in Internet marketing. You can have your product or service information in articles. These articles can have all the important keywords. Many users look for information in these articles. The more your site is searched by keywords more visitors you are likely to get.

Search Engine Strategy

Search engine optimization is the magic wand of your Internet marketing strategy. If you have an optimized webpage then you can record maximum number of visitors. The search engine optimization strategy should be well conducted and planned. Though SEO strategies can be similar to your Internet marketing tools but there are few more factors which affect your search engine optimization. Here are few factors which can enhance your SEO strategy.

  • Informative Page Layout
    For better search engine optimization, you should have an informative page layout. Have all the relevant information in your website with specific links and text.
  • Keyword Rich Content
    Your content should well accommodate your keywords. It should be informative and brief. Remember your content has the power to lure visitors.
  • Link Development
    Link development is the prime factor for search engine optimization. In link development you exchange links with relevant websites. Your website links should be exchanged with related web links.
  • Anchor Text
    It is the text written for your links. Anchor text should also have your keywords. Search engines recognize your links through these anchor text.