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Important SEO Tools - for a better SEO

You have invested a lot on your SEO to optimize your website and allure customers. Many of you also wanted to get the right tool for your SEO works. If you are also among those then this article can help you to get few smart tools for your SEO.

Keywords Suggestion Tool

Keyword is the essence of your SEO. Many get confused while deciding the right keyword for their website. There are many tools available which can suggest you appropriate keywords for your business. Google have recently started its AdWords which suggest suitable keywords for businesses. You can also find many similar suggestion tools that can help you to get several related keywords for your business.

Back link Tracker

This is an important tool to track your links. Many website provide you free back link track but you need to sign up to get the right data. Back links are essential for link building.

Domain Names

To optimize your website try to have few more domains other than your main website. These domains should have your keywords as these can help your website for better optimization. Try to analyze offers by different domain registration companies. Book your domain name with your relevant keywords

Site Report Card

Site report card can help you get information regarding your websites. When your website is all set to take off you should judge the report card of your site. This can help you know about any link failure, typographic error, keywords analysis and much other information.

Google Monitor

This is a special tool from Google, which help you know about your position for particular keywords. This is a remarkable tool for those who have created a new website. You don't need to visit numerous pages to see your position but all this is easily done by this tool.

Link Popularity Checker

Your success is judged by your popularity. There are many websites available in Internet which can give you the exact data of your links. This can help you know about the gap between you and your competitors. It's an awesome tool to know how much your SEO is paying you.