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Important SEO Queries

There are many website owners who believe in doing there own SEO. This requires in-depth knowledge about the whole optimization process. Though, there are many books, magazines available for SEO but there are few practical questions which you always wanted to ask but didn't know whom to ask. This article will give a brief answer to few important queries. Read on to explore the intricacies of search engine optimization.

How Important Is Anchor Text? How To Place An Anchor Text?

Yes, anchor text is an imperative tool for your page optimization. These anchor text explain the links. In SEO, every page optimization is very important. You need to have a clear menu for a better optimization. Your anchor text should explain your links and vice versa. Anchor text makes it easier for the users to navigate within your website.

Should There Be Any Pop -Up Window In My Website?

Yes, it's a good idea to have pop up windows but it should be for those descriptions which you don't want to show search engines. Pop up windows are not optimized hence you can use them for product description or other information about your product or services. Have your pop-up windows in JavaScript so that it can provide some interactive information to your users. Neither user nor search engines like cluttered and lengthy websites. Hence having a pop up window to describe your features or descriptions is a good idea.

After years of link exchange program my website page ranking is not moving at all. What would be the reason behind this?

Though link exchange is an important seo tool but it doesn't assure you any raise in page ranking. Initially link exchange was solely to link all the relevant sites so that when a user comes to a particular site he can find related links in that site. But now link exchange has almost become a mere platform to exchange links with other websites. Search engines now ban websites with irrelevant links or absurd links. Hence link exchange plays a crucial role in search engine optimization. Often it happens with websites where despite of link exchange page rank doesn't increase. The reason for this could be the lack of anchor text where your pages are not optimized.

What If My Rank Slashes?

There isn't any specific formula for PR in search engines. It depends on various details. But, if you keep on changing your website then you won't be able to understand what works for your website and what not. Hence, don't expect a high ranking overnight. It's a slow and steady process. Have patience and follow the search engine algorithms for a better optimization not ranking.

Do I need To Resubmit My Website, Intermittently, To Search Engines?

No, you don't need to submit your website every month or year. Search engines can automatically find you through other sites. You don't need to submit your website again and again as has been indexed on the first submission.