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Important Commandments Of Link Building

Link building is an important factor for increasing visibility of your website. It is a cost effective way of promoting your website link. But link building should not be performed just for utilizing a particular tool. Following are few important commandment of link building which when followed can yield enticing results.

Understand The Value Of Links

Link building is prime factor for search engines. Many search engines like Google judge websites' popularity as per the number of links exchanged. You can write good content and make a beautiful site but if your site won't be visible then all your labor can become infertile.

Start Link Building From Your Own Website

Many experts might disagree with this statement, but as charity begins at home, link building should be started from your own website. If you have a 100 pages website then you should provide the link of all the other pages, so that your users find it easy to navigate.

Trust Authentic Valid Links

Don't add links because you want to exchange links. Be specific while choosing a link partner. If you'll add links like this then search engines might categorize you as spammers. Often, because of bad neighborhood search engines ban websites.

Have Alternate Link Text

Try to put alternate text in your link. This gives you a unique visibility. When you exchange links try to use your most important keywords in form of alternative text. These texts will serve the purpose of link building as well as keyword listing also.

Search Good Links

Don't exchange random links. Conduct a research for good websites which are related to your business, then exchange links with those websites. Don't hesitate to ask websites to exchange links. When you have pertinent link exchange then only search engines will believe your authenticity.

Be Creative

Be creative while searching your link partner. It's a long time relationship hence you need to be known to your exchanging partners. Don't be monotonous while searching link partners. Think widely and wisely while searching websites for link exchange.

Don't Link Everywhere

If you have a relevant, informative site and have attain a good PR in search engines then you are most likely to receive numerous link exchange requests. Now comes the time when you have to be really careful, don't let all websites to add there links with you. Though there might be some relevant websites but don't be allured by all websites and try to add only those websites which you feel can pay you later.

Track Progress

You can't judge your success until you judge your progress. Track every little progress and analyze yourself whether you are on a right way or not. In SEO, you're every step counts and only you can track your progress in search pages.

Have A Clear Goal

Before starting your link building exercise make sure you know exactly where to go and what to hit. Be firm and define a clear target for link exchange. Don't wander while searching websites, and add those links which you feel are relevant to your website.

Be Attentive

Link exchange is an ongoing process and there isn't any finishing line in this route. As you build links, it becomes easier day by day. But be attentive about choosing websites and accepting links.