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Web Designing Horrors - Things to Avoid while Designing a Website

Today every business has its own website. Whether it deals with consumer products, services or any other industry, web presence is now mandatory for a successful business. If we recall world's most successful businesses then companies like Coca Cola, Disney, IBM, GE etc comes to our mind. These are the giants who have spent millions on advertising to become a household name.

But how do your recall these companies? Indubitably you remember them because of their products or services. Then sure enough these aren't the most popular websites as many of you haven't visited their website yet. What comes to your mind when you think of most successful websites? Undoubtedly they are Google, Yahoo, Hotmail or Amazon etc.

These are the websites which are most widely searched and used. These virtual giants have become the most successful websites. They provide you both products and services online, which makes them the most desired websites. Ironically today the biggest shopping site is not but This shows how the web has spread in our household. Let us be little retrospective about this question that why most successful websites are not launched by the most successful companies?

Time and tide wait for none

In many corporations' websites you will find a little about there company and its product details. Almost all of them strive to make their website look beautiful and appealing. For this, these companies put heavy graphics in their website, which takes ages to load making the visitor annoyed and irritated. Hence the bottom-line should be that, you should not compromise your visitor's patience in order to get a cool and stunning website.

Fascinatingly Irritating

The problem with the big consumer corporations' is that they spend too much on their advertisements to get a market presence but often deprive their websites. So the websites look mere presentations with heavy effects than an informative company site, which always turn out annoying than attractive. Visitors find it most irritating when they are too crowded by special effects. Following are the few special effects which shouldn't be overdone in any website.

Flash Blast

What will you do if your site lacks content? Certainly you can put images and special effects to make your site look good and active. If your site has heavy Flash with less text then it shows it lacks content. This is what happens with many corporate websites. When they don't put content in their website they adorn it with Flash and other special effects. Flash can be used as a content enhancer, where you can make your content more readable and stylish. But more often it's been used to impress.

Splash Screens

Splash Screen is a widely used special effect featured in various websites. Splash pages make their visitors wait for redirecting them to any link. This can be an exasperating process for visitors. Many business websites feature a splash screen which not only takes time to load but also redirects the visitor without any warning. The lesson by far is not to compromise usability with looks of your website and never forget why the user came to your site first rather than going to your competitor.