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Essentials Of Search Engine Optimization

If your website is unable to get maximum visitors then the best way to rejuvenate your business is search engine optimization. This article will detail all the essential of search engine optimization. Have a brief idea of SEO tools in order to gain maximum benefit from your website.

Site Structure

Site structure plays an important role in search engine optimization. If you have a well designed website but it lacks a proper structure then it might not work for you. Your website should be search engine friendly because that is a vital source in getting customers. Whether your website has an html coding or written in php or asp nothing matters unless the search engines recognize your website.


Navigation provides ease of use to the visitors and the search engines. Use proper words and sentences for your links. If you provide ease of navigation then it will be easy for search engines to crawl every page of your website. Provide visible links and channel of navigation in your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword is the most essential tool of search engine optimization. The whole search engine algorithm works with keywords. You need to have a well conduct research before choosing the right keywords for your business website. Search engines conduct every search through these keywords. If search engines are the bridge between you and you potential customer, then keywords are the foundation on which these bridges are standing.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are the words or sentences which help search engines to know about your website. These are the off page optimization process. There are various Meta tags which are used in SEO. Following are the important Meta tags,

  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Keywords Tag


Content is regarded as the king of SEO. This is the text which you can see in your website. For a good SEO, you need to have very good content and it should be keywords rich. If you accommodate your keywords in an informative manner then search engines will love to visit your website. Search engines feel ease with sites having fresh and unique content. Hence your website should be well written for a better SEO.

Link building and Anchor Text

Link building is another form of off page SEO. In this you exchange links with other relevant websites for making a network of links. When you have a well networked neighborhood search engines notice you easily. If you have numerous relevant links then search engines might rank you high for your popularity among your business. Anchor text is the text written for the links. It should be lucid and brief. Your anchor text should explain the link properly. Anchor text plays a vital role in your link building.

Site Map

Site map makes your website easy to navigate. Search engines can visit every page of your website if your website has a proper site map. It isn't about the search engines only, your visitors also feel ease in roaming around in your website with a proper site map. For a good search engine optimization, your website should have a site map.

Ethical SEO

Don't use unethical SEO tricks. These tricks might give you results but in along term it can also ban your website. Search engines might ban your website for spamming or other unethical seo tricks. Hence be true to your seo process. If not immediately but in long term your website will get the desired page rank and visitors.