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5 Common SEO Mistakes

Website owners spend a lot on search engine optimization. But, very few succeed in getting the desired result. This is because; they target on seo but use wrong tools. Everyday we come across numerous web sites and probably like few of them. This all depend on how optimized your website is. Following are few mistakes which should be avoided while optimizing your website.

Keyword Tag

Keyword tags should be handled carefully. Don't gorge your keyword tags with only irrelevant keywords which are in no means related to your website. Using irrelevant keywords is spamming and it can cost you a lot in terms of search engines. Avoid using hundred different spellings or tenses of the same keywords. Be very choosy while using keywords in your keyword tags. Don't repeat any keyword more than twice. Also you shouldn't have more than 20 words in your keyword tag.

Abstract Tag

Abstract tag is similar to keyword tag. It is used in Meta tags to increase the keyword density regarding the targeted clients. This is often used as a replacement for description tag. Don't overload your abstract tag with keywords because you have a place to stuff. There are many websites who don't have abstract tag in their Meta tag.

Description Tag

Meta description tag is the sentence which is featured in the search pages. Always write short blurb targeting keyword phrases in your description tag. You can entice your visitors to click your website through catchy description tags.

Title Tag

Title tag is extremely important to search engines and users. It is the description which your visitors see in their browser. Search engines put a lot of weight on title tag. If it's not optimized then you can lose your potential visitor. Title tag should be different for every single page. Make a unique title tag for every page which should adeptly provide all the information about the particular page.


Once you optimize all your Meta tags then optimize the content of the website. As every single page has a different keyword tag, description tag, abstract tag and title tag, so the content should also be different in every page. Once you put quality content in every page of your website then your website will be fairly optimized.