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Common Web Designing Mistakes

As you are designing your company website, you might want to include all the attractive designing ideas. But make sure your designs shouldn't turn out to be a fatal mistake for your corporate image. There are various common mistakes which could be avoidable while designing a website. Following are the five most common website designing mistakes which should be avoided at all costs.

Cornucopia of Graphics

Too many graphics can make your website heavy and difficult to download. Large images, applets and graphics cause your website to load very slowly. Your potential visitors might not be that patient to wait ages for your website. They might not return to you because of your download speed. Hence when possible use GIF files rather than normal JPEG. Reduce your graphic size without distorting the images.

Hit counter

Hit counters show the number of hits of the site. Hit counters should not be visible in your website unless you get numerous visitors a day. Visitor might feel embarrassed when the counter shows them as the visitor number ten. Hit counters are not beneficial at all for your visitors. If you need these counters then have them offline so that your visitors won't be able to view them. You can use these counter only if you've had millions of visitors and want to promotion your site or attract advertisers.

Heavy Banners

Be limited while using your banner. Banners are the graphics which takes long to load and often irritates the visitor. For many visitors, banner is just the replica of an advertisement so they don't prefer clicking it. Put your banner either on top of the site or at the bottom. People might miss important information or links due to the heavy banner. Be precise while using your banner. It should relate to your product or services. Make sure your every single approach on your site should benefit your target customer.

Cluttered Website

Be organized and have a completely organized website. Your visitors don't have time to look for links; it's your duty to lead them to the desired information. If you have a website then it should have well placed links leading the visitor to other pages. Organizing your site to help your visitor in navigating is very important whether you want them to buy something or just to visit your website. Hence make sure unnecessary graphics shouldn't hinder you while leading your visitor. Make the most out of your visitor's attention because for you this is a one time opportunity.


Don't make your website a universal template; be interactive in your approach. The most effective way of attracting customers is to personalize your approach because nothing appeals more than emotions. Once you develop an emotional bond with your visitors then they will return to you time and again. You can't reach everybody by having a general website because your website can't be everything to everybody. The most successful websites usually have very definite services that target niche market. Make your website as personal as possible as if you are a part of every moment of your visitor. Be communicative in your content as if you are directly conversing with your target audience. Be focused on your target audience and try to make them feel familiar at your website.