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Beginners Guide To SEO

What is SEO?

If you are a beginner with a little knowledge about search engines then SEO won't be a difficult thing for you to understand. Few of the major search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista etc. These are the interference through which your customer finds you. SEO or search engine optimization helps your website to get indexed in these search engines so that when your visitor searches for key terms related to your business can easily find you.

Why I need a SEO?

If you have a website and want to have a sound business then you need search engine optimization. Search engine optimization plays a vital role in generating E-commerce. If you want to have a business in internet then you need to optimize your website. Today a large percentage of population uses internet and many depend on websites for shopping, recreation, entertainment, knowledge and for endless other purposes. Hence, you need to put special attention towards SEO services.

How it Help?

Search engine optimization is an integral part of your website marketing. This is your tool which can index you in major search engines. Through SEO you can popularize your website reaching your potential customers. A good SEO attracts search engines so that your website can be indexed in most of the major search engines. SEO optimizes the content and build link popularity so that the website can achieve visibility in several high ranking search engines.

What are the tools?

Search engine optimization uses many tools to optimize your website. Few of the important tools are;

  • Design
    Design is the first step towards search engine optimization. If you design a decent website with informative text then you are most likely to be spotted by the search engines.
  • Keywords
    These are the words which rightly explain you business and company. When users type any of your keywords in search pages then your website appear in the search pages. Hence a website should be keyword rich so that the users can find you easily.
  • Content
    Content is the text written in your website. Content plays a vital role in optimization. Both users and search engines look for unique, informative content. Hence it is widely believed that content is the king in SEO.
  • Meta tags
    Meta tags are the words which are used in HTML coding. This comprises keywords tag, description tag and title tag.
  • Alt tags
    Alt tag is the word which appears on images and other visuals when you move your mouse on them. This is also a unique tag to list your keywords.

How to start SEO?

There are many SEO companies which provide packages in SEO services. These firms can charge your hourly or as per the number of pages. There are many web designing companies also who provide customized SEO services. You can also have in house SEOs who can work in your company.