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Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is all about gaining a high rank in search pages. It's the way to reach your potential customer. To optimize your page you need not to have any inherent skill, you can easily track your progress by knowing few thumb rules of SEO. With market research and knowledge one can easily understand how search engines operate and rank web pages. Following are few basics of search engine optimization which can help you to know your SEO better.

In house Link Structure

Link exchange within the website is a vital tool which is often overlooked. For a good optimization you need to allure search engine crawlers to visit your entire website. If you will have a clear link structure in every page then it will make it easier for search engine crawlers to read every single page of your website. Following are few points regarding the search crawler which you should consider before your website optimization.

  • Search engines prefer HTML coding. Hence, prepare your text in HTML coding.
  • Don't use JavaScript of Flash for your text. Search engines don't read text written in Flash or JavaScript.
  • Have clear linking within the webpages. Every page within the website should be well connected so that the crawlers can easily navigate and read each page.

Link Text

Link text is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization. When you have any link, you should have a proper text for that particular link. This text is searched by search crawlers. If you include the main search term in your link text then it becomes easier for search engines to index your links. Don't use identical text for all links.

Other Important Elements

  • The title tag
    Title tags are the best tool to acquire a good search engines PR. If you have few most searched keywords then make them your title tag. Title tag is the sentence or words that are visible on the top bar of the web browser. This is the text which is visible to your customers. Title tags help search engines to know about your website. Hence, pay attention towards title tag. This can be your magical wand to entice search engines.
  • Meta Description Tag
    The description tag Description tags are the description which you find in the search pages for any search term. This comes just after the title tag. Your description text should have a clear description of your website. If possible include few keywords in your description tag. This can make your description easy to understand and increase your keyword density. . The keywords tag Keywords tag should be carefully handled. Don't overload this tag with numerous keywords. Be specific while crafting a title tag. Many people include different spellings of one keyword in keywords tag. Avoid this, as this can lead to you become a spammer in front of search engines. . Heading Tags These are the headings of the text featured in a website. Heading tags can be crafted in different sizes, more the size more the attention it receives. These H tags should be written in proper size to give it a distinguished look.
  • Bold Text
    Don't bold every word of any sentence. Words written in bold are supposed to get more attention than others. Make your keywords bold so that it can be easily detected by search engines and visitors.
  • Text
    Make your text keyword rich. Use your keywords in your website content so that you can increase your keyword density within the page. Try to make sensible sentences using your keywords. Don't make illogical sentences just to increase your keyword density. This can harm your website credibility.
  • Alt Text
    Alt text should be handled adeptly. These are your hidden heroes who can help your get the top PR crown. Alt text is the alternative text which appears when you move your mouse on any image, animation or applet. Use your important keywords in alt text. This can amazingly help you increase your keywords density.