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A logo is an integral part of a company's corporate identity. A uniquely customized logo design can intensify your company's identity, and help you to acquire instant recognition. Logo designing is creating the main graphic heading of your web page; hence it is the visual centre of the entire page design.

Familiarity is the key to growing business. Logo design is a primary factor, since your company logo is the cornerstone of all your marketing and promotional materials. A personal logo increases the credibility of your business. In this fierce competitive business arena, your business needs to gain credibility in order to contend with your competitors.

An appealing logo catches the eye making the observer curious and engaged. The right logo can boost your visibility, credibility and memorability which denote more business. Logos are essentially for your project or business’s identity. Logos are influential to your business or project. Your single logo explains everything about your business. Logo is primarily an identification symbol, a symbol exclusively designed for your business.

Logos can be any image, text or any thing symbolic. Logos are largely divided into three broad categories. In this article you can find a brief introduction of logos and their designing intricacies.

Text Logo

Many companies prefer a text logo which uses tailored fonts. Text logos are the simplest form of logos. Many companies use company name as their logo, for example, Google, Microsoft, Ford etc. Text logos look simple and are easy to remember. These are the direct images of your company.

Symbol Logo

These logos use specific symbols to denote the company or organization. Symbol logos are solely designs which stand for your business. These logos should be carefully chosen because this one image means the whole business for you. Companies like apple computers, Nike, Addidas and organizations like UNICEF, UNO etc use symbol logos

Combination Logo

Logos which has a symbol along with text is categorized as a combination logo. These logos are easy to remember and decipher. Combination logos usually focus on the company's name and a symbol.

Logo designing involves meticulous brainstorming work. It is a representation of your business and company. You need an adept designer to get the most suitable logo for you. Here are few key facts which you should consider before designing your logo.

Uniform Format

Your single logo is used on brochures, promotional items as well as in your company website. Hence the logo should look uniform in all formats and sizes. The logo should be in a uniform format which allows the design to be resized to any size without any distortion.


Avoid ambiguous and complex designs for your logo. A simple logo enhances the beauty and the memorability of the logo. You need to put your logo on letterheads, envelops and other items, if the logo will be complex, people might not make out the design. Elaborated logos are difficult to print. Be natural and simple while deciding your logo. A well designed logo can be used with ease for all purposes.

Don't Be Color-Fool

Colors can enhance your design, but logo color should be chosen wisely. You should limit colors in your logo. This can not only make your logo look sober but also limits your printing costs.