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5 Tricks to Optimize PPC AdWords Campaign

Google Adwords lately has become a necessary evil for companies of all sizes. Perhaps, it is one of the most effective tools to promote products or services to millions of internet users across the globe. With increasing internet penetration and booming e-commerce, managers (read young management graduates) find Google Adwords to be a quick-fix solution to secure top slot for various searched keywords.

I was recently approached by a client who has was happily spending $45,000 a month and considering him to be a master of Google Adwords. Within 2 months of signing with a professional Adwords management company CPA was reduced by $15 and conversations increased by almost 50%.

Though with few clicks and $5 (threshold amount required to set-up an Adwords account), one can very easily create a campaign but many a times the campaign proves to be a failure. Apart from bid management & keyword addition/deletion, these tricks would convert a dog into a cow (referring to BCG Matrix):

Campaign Structure

Like any other marketing campaign, Adwords campaign should have a well-defined structure with predefined objectives (Branding Vs Skimming). It’s tough but worth contemplating if it should be Product Category followed by Product line Vs Brand followed by Product Categories. Let’s take an example of an advertiser who wants to sell soaps though Google Adwords:

Structure # 1

PPC Campign Structure

Structure # 2

Campaign = Brand Name     Ad Group = Product Category                

Though at the face of it, both the campaigns look technically similar but the focus of the advertiser differs in both the structures and so does the quality score for keywords. Keywords in structure #1 would have better quality score & would cost less vis-à-vis keywords in structure #2.

Multiple Targeted Countries – Multiple Campaigns

In today’s competitive world, companies believe in Economies of Scale and tend to categorize the countries into various clusters depending upon the demographic & psychographic behavior of the buyers.

Unlike conventional marketing, Search Engine Marketing can be standardized for various Geographic clusters. This is why advertisers setup a common Adwords campaign for various countries i.e. select multiple Locations for a campaign.

Though this is easy but is not a very healthy approach for a campaign. Ideally each location should have a dedicated campaign because of the following reasons:

  • One can add Location specific Ads in each Ad Group.
  • Keywords have different competition in different locations and so is the estimated first page bid.
  • Ad Scheduling becomes more effective.
  • Allocation of budget to each location.
  • Easy to monitor the performance of each of the locations.

Ad Scheduling

Almost every one of you would know that Ads should be scheduled to show for specific hours of the day to avoid unwanted expenses but not many people notice that in most of the cases the account time and targeted country time differs. 

Example: While setting up an account one selects India as location then by default IST (Kolkata Time) is selected but if one wants to run the campaign in UK (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM), the Ads should be scheduled according to 2:00 PM to 12:00 AM (keeping in Mind 8:00 AM in UK means 2:00 PM in India).

Dynamic Ad Copy

Everyone uses phrases like “To the point”, “Catchy”, “Inviting”, “Creative” Blah Blah when it comes to writing Ad copies but how about customizing an Ad copy according to each user looking for you. See and decide which Ad Copy will attract you first when you type “Buy Sports Shoes”:

Dynamic Ad Copy Exmaple

When I type “Buy Sorts Shoes” my brain cells are ready to accept an Ad which is inviting me to buy sports shoes. Ad Copy # 1 would strike first because it is able to read my brain cells whereas Ad Copy #2 is selling Football shoes.

Dynamic Ad changes its title as per the search keyword whereas a static Ad remains same for all kind of keywords.

An Example of setting up Dynamic Ad Copies

Headline: {KeyWord:Shoes}
Description line 1: Great Brand at Great Discounts
Description line 2: 30 Day Return Policy. Free Shipping
Display URL:

Negative Keywords

In physics, Positive + Negative makes Negative but for Google Adwords, Positive + Negative makes it Positive.Selecting right set of keywords is a strategic task but NOT adding Negative keywords can simply impact the overall performance of the campaign.

Knowingly or unknowingly the ads would show up for unwanted keywords and ruin the CTR of Ad Groups and ultimately Quality Score of keywords.

Use of Negative Keywords in PPC Campaign

Why would someone pay attention to an Ad offering website designing services when one wants SEO Company?

Apart from your intuition look for list of searched keywords from Google Analytics or Dimension tool and add more and more negative keywords to each of the campaigns to improve the performance of the campaign.

These tips have helped my clients save millions of dollars each year and I am sure that these would help you too to effectively manage your money.